IQ Fiber Master MT2780A – Up to 49% Off*

The IQ Fiber Master MT2780A PIM and RF analyzer is a CPRI-based solution that provides critical PIM diagnosis across multiple bands and sectors using live traffic. Cell sites remain active during testing as this instrument uses a non-invasive process to report real-time results. Identify PIM levels, locations, and conduct RF spectrum analysis to efficiently hunt and debug PIM and interference issues.

  • Use live traffic to get an accurate picture of cell site environment – no site turn down, no tower climb
  • Monitor up to three downlinks and one uplink during PIM over CPRI testing for analysis of multi-band sites or 4x4 MIMO antennas
  • Resolve intermittent PIM problems by continuously monitoring cell site remotely for days or weeks; IQ Fiber Master MT2780A automatically records and captures PIM events with time stamping to make debugging easier
  • Support for all 4G/LTE bands and bandwidths and MIMO configurations up to 4x4 MIMO; supports CPRI line rates 1-8 as well as equipment from all major manufacturers including ALU, Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, and Samsung.
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