ShockLine™ ME7868A-043-5 Modular 2-port VNA - Up to 48% Off*


The ShockLine ME7868A 2-Port VNAs are unique modular configurations that consist of two ShockLine MS46131A 1-port VNAs that act as remote VNA ports. Using patented PhaseLyncTM synchronization technology, the 1-port VNAs are phase-synchonized over a distance of 100 meters or more to enable full 2-port vector S-parameter measurements. This architecture eliminates the need for long cables by bringing the VNA port to the DUT.

ShockLineCompact VNA Highlights

• Portable and remote ShockLine ME7868A ports eliminate long cables by bringing the VNA to the DUT, improving measurement stability and dynamic range

• PhaseLync technology enables magnitude and phase S-parameter measurements between two ShockLine MS46131A VNAs separated by 100 meters or more

• Modular architecture maximizes uptime by making ports easily replaceable

• A single external PC controls the pair of ShockLine MS46131As as a fully reversing 2-port VNA with powerful ShockLine software

• No on-board data storage eliminates the need for data purging in secure applications

• Fast and easy calibrations with AutoCalTMEnter content here

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