E/O Converter MN4775A

October 9, 2023 Rachel Edwards

The MN4775A is an electrical-to-optical converter that uses an RF input signal to intensity modulate an internal laser. The E/O converter is used in conjunction with the VectorStar MS464xB or the Shockline MS4652xB series VNAs and the MN4765B optical to electrical (O/E) converter to perform highly accurate and stable optoelectronic measurements of both modulators (E/O) and photoreceivers (O/E). The MN4775A includes a laser, an optical Mach-Zehnder intensity modulator, and a variable optical attenuator to control its output power. Internal circuitry provides various power and modulation configurations as well as stabilizes overall performance. 

  • Fully integrated E/O to support a complete optoelectronic characterization system
  • Mach-Zehnder intensity modulator and bias controller with manual and fully automatic operation modes
  • Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) for automatic or manual power control
  • Internal biasing for stable operation and temperature compensation
  • Internal optical power detection/monitoring
  • Configurability for adapting to measurement applications
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