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WLAN Product Evaluation Guide: Product Certification

This Wireless LAN Product Certification Guide is a comprehensive explanation for new designers of wireless LAN (WLAN) products and covers key points in designing and developing these products. This guide describes certification required for shipping completed WLAN products to market.

Various standards and regulations exist to establish WLAN product functions and safety. Obtaining certification requires evaluating the WLAN product in accordance with certification tests determined for each standard and regulation to assure the product is in compliance. The standard and regulations are the IEEE802.11 standard on communications, the Wi-Fi Alliance certification for assuring interconnectivity between peers, and national regulations for certifying prevention of radio interference between electronic equipment. These standards cover the obligatory and optional requirements for acquiring certification of WLAN products. This document focuses on the required regulatory certification, which is obligatory and closely related to WLAN product communications performance.

Although certification applies to completed products, failure to pass compliance tests at the design stage leads to risk of problems, such as repeated design changes and testing, higher development costs, and delayed commercial release schedule. Performing the same evaluations early in the development stage reduces the risk of disrupted business plans.

Please also download the WLAN PER Measurement Leaflet

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