Full Vehicle 5G RF OTA Characterization with ETS System

5G NR has opened up many verticals enabling all-around user experience expanding into the automotive space. Security, integrity, and latency of messages are critical impacting vehicle telematics and have major implications extending to people safety. Compared to handheld cellular devices which have been a foray of pre-4G enhancements, the RF performance in automotive involves a larger footprint and has to be studied for the system in its entirety. Anritsu's full vehicle RF characterization system with ETS antenna measurement system addresses the customer challenge of measuring antenna pattern and performance over different angles. Verifying performance over different applications like infotainment (Wi-Fi, BT, AM, FM), Cellular V2X/DSRC (cellular-like), Radar, GLONASS, GNSS, GPS, GPRS.

Learn more about Anritsu's MT8000A and MT8821C

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