Testing eCall for 2G, 3G, and the New 4G NG eCall

To help reduce the number of people killed in traffic accidents, Europe developed a cellular-based vehicle communication emergency call system called eCall. Since March 31st, 2018 it has been mandatory for the 2G/3G cellular-based version to be installed in all new cars sold in Europe. It has also been mandated in other countries including Russia in a version they call ERA-GLONASS since January 2017. With eCall installed in a vehicle, when a car crashes and the airbag is deployed, the eCall cellular module in the car connects to a Public Service Answering Point (PSAP) to send vital information, then a voice call is established to ask the people in the car if they need an ambulance. Certification testing of these eCall systems is mandatory. Pre-testing eCall at the TCU module vendor and at the automaker reduces costly delays of failure in the certification testing. Cellular network simulators provide reliable, repeatable results and allow thorough testing anywhere in the world.

Learn more about the Signalling Tester (Base Station Simulator) MD8475B

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