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Characteristics and Considerations for Design and Verification

NB-IoT is one of many wireless technologies being utilized in IoT devices for a variety of applications. Standardized and utilizing an existing network infrastructure, it checks all the boxes in terms of low power, long battery life, and cost efficiency. These factors make it a viable alternative for emerging IoT designs, however it is important to evaluate the capabilities and characteristics of all wireless technologies and understand the application in which the products will be used to make the most informed and effective decision.

Having a high level of confidence that NB-IoT devices and systems will operate according to specification while under budget and timeline constraints requires engineers to use test solutions that are cost-efficient and easy to operate. The test instruments must be future proof to protect the investment, with the capability to easily add capability as standards evolve. Additionally, test solutions should be able to conduct measurements simultaneously on a variety of wireless technologies. Leveraging the proper test equipment will lower design and production costs, speed time-to-market and help companies obtain market share in a competitive and growing IoT world. 

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