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Approaching 300-GHz band Spectrum Analysis ~ for 5G-Advanced and 6G

The future of ultra-high bandwidth communication lies in millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies. 5G-Advanced and 6G standards are expected to leverage these frequencies, particularly those above 100 GHz, to achieve significantly larger capacity communication than current 5G. Regulatory bodies are opening spectrum access in the 275-450 GHz range to support these advancements.

However, accurate spectrum analysis in these bands presents a challenge. Traditional methods using spectrum analyzers without pre-selectors suffer from unwanted signal responses from the test equipment, making distinguishing the desired signal difficult.

This presentation explores the development of a research laboratory specifically designed for spectrum analysis in the 300 GHz band. It will address the technical challenges of suppressing unwanted responses and achieving accurate measurements in this critical frequency range, paving the way for the development and deployment of future 5G-Advanced and 6G communication systems.

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