Network Master Pro MT1000A - Up to 49% Off*

Product Description

Optical Fiber I&M

The compact, battery-powered and easy-to-use Anritsu MT1000A provides everything needed to install and maintain communication networks in a rugged, field portable package. This lightweight instrument simplifies the daunting task of collecting and interpreting data with an easy-to-use GUI and clear summaries allowing users of any skill level to operate the instrument to its full potential.

The MT1000A is multi-function tester that can be configured with an array of transport testing functions and OTDR modules to ensure you have the tools you need today plus the expandability for future technologies – all of which are field upgradeable.

  • Verify proper fiber installation and fiber loss characteristics are within the specified budget
  • Fiber Visualizer simplifies testing with an easy to read graphical summary of the results
  • Ability to toggle between graphical summary and traditional OTDR trace
  • Specialized testing modes simplify operation
  • High resolution and dynamic range ensure quick and thorough fiber evaluation
  • Intelligent analysis software identifies problem splices, connectors and even macrobends
  • Test multiple wavelengths with a single unit
  • One button PDF report generation
  • Standard power meter and light source
  • Visual fault locator option
  • Verify fiber end face condition (dust, scratches) and cleanliness with optional connector inspection microscope

Transport Equipment Installation and Performance Tests

The MT1000A transport module provides robust Ethernet/IP client service verification using industry recognized benchmark test applications driven by IEEE, MEF & ITU-T standards bodies in an intuitive, easy to use graphic interface. It supports both electrical and optical Ethernet/IP industry standard interfaces from 10Mbps to 100Gbps in a scalable platform configured to your network requirements. The Network Master can generate, monitor, capture and report a variety of Ethernet/IP Client services including voice, data and video services. Also supported are Ethernet, IP, MPLS and PBB-TE packet transport as well as circuit based transport. The Network Master enables you to deliver confidence in your Ethernet/IP client service performance as your network grows and evolves with your business demands.

  • All-in-one transport tester
  • Supports speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • Support for current (Ethernet, eCPRI/IEEE1914.3/CPRI/OBSAI, OTN, Fibre Channel) and legacy (SONET/SDH/PDH/DSn) technologies Full suite of Ethernet benchmark tests RFC2544, Y.1564, RFC6349
  • Simultaneous dual-port measurement at all rates
  • WLAN*/Bluetooth*/LAN connections
  • Test reports in PDF, CSV and XML formats

Mobile Base Station and Antenna Installation

  • Two SFP ports for CPRI interface
  • Analysis of RF IQ signal frequency characteristics for CPRI data
  • Transmission of fixed IQ patterns

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