High-Frequency Testing Technologies to be Highlighted by Anritsu at IMS 2022

Anritsu Company

June 16, 2022

If it’s June, it must be time for IMS2022. RF and microwave engineers and other professionals will converge in Denver beginning June 19 to get a first-hand look at emerging technologies shaping high-frequency applications in commercial, government, and military/aerospace. As has been the case for decades, Anritsu will showcase test solutions that address the design, manufacture, and installation and maintenance (I&M) of wireless systems in its booth (#9038) during the show.

Thought Leadership Sessions.

One way Anritsu is showcasing its leadership in high-frequency testing is through a series of technical sessions and presentations throughout IMS and ARFTG. Jon Martens, Fellow at Anritsu, will conduct a workshop and participate in a panel discussion. Dr. Alexander Chenakin, Suresh Ojha, Sadashiv Phadnis, and Navneet Kataria will also run two Microapps presentations in the IMS Theater during the show.

IMS 2022

Instrumentation Aspects of mmWave On-Wafer Measurements – Dr. Martens will be presenting in this workshop on Monday, June 20, from 12:30-1:15 in room 605/607. Key elements of a successful millimeter wave (mmWave) on-wafer measurement campaign will be explained. The positive interaction of many aspects, including probes, calibration devices and methods, and device-under-test (DUT) within the environment and instrumentation will be covered.

Particular focus will be on the network analyzer hardware in a mmWave setup and how it interacts with probing to gain a deeper understanding of the important mechanisms to optimize sensitivities and uncertainties. Specifically, mmWave vector network analyzer (VNA) architectures will be presented. Power control, receiver linearity and noise behavior, and port impedance and coupling characteristics will also be covered.

VNA Application Solutions for S-parameter Measurements in Large Test Setups​ – On Wednesday, June 22, from 11:30-11:45, Navneet Kataria will lead this presentation in the MicroApps Theater (booth #9110)​. It will discuss how to conduct accurate microwave and mmWave tests on antenna ranges and other large test setups that require full s-parameter measurements over long distances (order of 25 meters or longer). Distances of this magnitude present unique challenges for high-frequency VNA measurements, requiring special application techniques to maintain coherence and overcome other measurement issues. This seminar compares and contrasts different VNA techniques and instrumentation used in these applications.

Microwave Signal Generators with Improved Phase Noise and Frequency Stability​ – Dr. Chenakin, Ojha, and Phadnis will co-present on Wednesday, June 22, from 12:15–12:30, in booth #9110. They will highlight how Anritsu’s new Rubidium™ signal generators (figure 1) address today’s market demands for high-performance microwave broadband signal sources through 70 GHz. With innovation and quality as driving principles, Rubidium signal generators challenge traditional performance expectations with atomic-grade frequency stability and low phase noise of –140 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset from the 10 GHz carrier.

Rubidium signal generator
Figure 1: The Rubidium signal generator is the focus of a MicroApps session and test station in Anritsu’s booth at IMS 2022.

High-frequency Test Solutions

Rubidium will be featured in the Anritsu booth #9038 throughout IMS 2022. The high-performance signal generator family delivers outstanding performance across a broad frequency range of 9 kHz to 43.5 GHz. Coupled with built-in, easy-to-use, at-location frequency and power calibration capability, Rubidium offers exceptional overall utility and long-term value in a broad range of commercial and military/aerospace measurement applications. 

Anritsu will place a spotlight on its overall VNA market leadership, showcasing the state of art ME7838G 70 kHz to 220 GHz single sweep, 4-port VectorStar® system that is unique for making differential measurements, with differential probes. Anritsu will also be showcasing the world’s first single sweep 70 kHz to 220 GHz VNA-based spectrum analyzer at the show.

The VectorStar ME7838 broadband series system provides high performance in a compact mmWave module utilizing the Anritsu Nonlinear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology, with system coverage from 70 kHz to 110, 125, 145, and 220 GHz. The ME7838 series is the only broadband system with positive raw directivity in multiple bands, for improved calibration and measurement stability with significantly longer time between calibrations for accurate measurements and improved productivity.

Additionally, the ShockLine™ ME7868A 2-port distributed modular VNA enabled with PhaseLync technology will be in the booth. It is the world’s first distributed, fully reversing 2-port VNA solution that provides guaranteed performance from 1 MHz to 43.5 GHz. This solution simplifies long-distance  S-parameter measurements (2m/5m/25m up to 200m), such as OTA measurements in large chambers, large vehicle cable/antenna testing, and outdoor antenna test range. It also streamlines VNA test system integration by removing the need to utilize conventional benchtop VNAs with long cable runs, eliminating insertion loss, improve measurement stability, and lower setup costs.

Anritsu’s interference hunting solutions, including the Field Master Pro™ MS2090A and MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitor, will be showcased for attendees who need highly accurate field solutions. In the booth, demonstrations will be conducted on how to use a handheld analyzer to measure RF and microwave devices.

Anritsu at IMS 2022

Microelectronics Technology Center 

The capabilities of the Anritsu Microelectronics Technology Center in Morgan Hill, CA will be highlighted during IMS2022. Featuring an 8,000-square-foot class 100/10,000 clean room, a 25,000-square-foot RF/microwave assembly manufacturing facility, and a state-of-the-art machining center, the facility provides thin film device fabrication, microelectronic assembly, packaging, and machining.

Visit booth #9038 if you will be in Denver from June 19-24. If not, visit our resource center for educational materials on high-frequency test solutions, including a VNA resource page.

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