Higher Order Throughput (NR) for Automotive Infotainment Applications

Today’s automotive is equipped with high fidelity audio and higher resolution video infotainment and streaming services. For better user experience, the Telematics Control Unit (TCU) has to be capable to receive and decode higher data rates, providing a bigger bandwidth communication pipe for the different services including voice call (time sensitive), device communication, mission critical signaling, navigation, streaming (high data rates) and more.

New Radio (NR) with its flexible architecture and capability to provide higher order throughputs with reduced latency enables the vehicles of future to deliver these services. Due to the varying environments during a drive, it is necessary to verify the performance of devices over different scenarios. However, this test requirement faces a challenge in how to qualify and quantify the metrics for better end user experience and service quality. Anritsu addresses this challenge by providing solutions that characterizes different scenarios and validate end-user experience.

Learn More about our Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A

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