High-frequency Technologies and How to Test Them is Focus at IMS2023

June 12, 2023 Rachel Edwards

IMS2023 will be held in San Diego this week, where it will continue its tradition of hosting a well-respected technical program. It will also, once again, serve as a major networking event, connecting engineers, academics, and other decision-makers in the microwave industry – both in the commercial and military sectors.

Anritsu is contributing to the technical thought leadership position IMS has held since the first symposium was hosted in 1952 in New York City. The industry certainly has changed in the six decades since then but one constant has been Anritsu providing test solutions to move technology forward. In 2023, that means a focus on high frequencies, especially millimeter wave (mm-Wave), and use cases that not only include 5G but emerging 6G, as well.


Presenting New Technologies and Test Methods

Anritsu technical spokespeople have a full slate of presentations for IMS2023 attendees.

Sunday, June 11Measurements of Phased Array Beamforming Dynamics and Transients at mm-Wave Frequencies – Jon Martens, PhD, Anritsu Engineering Fellow, will be part of the WSM: Advances in Microwave and mm-Wave Wideband Measurements for Radar and Communications Applications workshop. Dr. Martens will explore possible measurement structures at mm-Wave frequencies, execution and uncertainty challenges, and a sampling of beam behaviors. Such factors must be considered when conducting studies of beam dynamics and are important during the design and characterization of phased array systems.

Monday, June 12Correlation Methods and Noise Figure –  Dr. Martens will also be presenting at workshop WMD: Device Thermal Noise Metrology: Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities.  In this talk, possible levels of improvement, potential limiting factors, and example implementation approaches for single-ended noise measurements will be discussed.

Monday, June 12Recent Advances in Low Phase Noise and High Stability Microwave Oscillators – Also on Monday, Dr. Alexander Chenakin, Chief Technology Officer at Anritsu Company, will co-chair a workshop that addresses low-phase-noise and high-stability microwave oscillators. Various oscillator types, techniques, and new materials, along with their main characteristics, will be reviewed.

Tuesday, June 13Advances in Microwave Synthesizer Technology – Dr. Chenakin will also present a keynote on advances in microwave synthesizer technology. He will present an overview of today’s microwave synthesizer technologies for test-and-measurement applications. The latest market demands, technology trends (including 6G), design challenges, and various solutions will be discussed.

Tuesday, June 13Broadband On-wafer Differential VNA Measurements to 220 GHz: Concepts and Solutions – Product Marketing Manager Navneet Kataria will discuss key parameters of the VectorStar ME7838G Broadband System and MPI differential probes that enable true differential measurement to 220 GHz. Important aspects of the broadband system will be presented, as well as overcoming on-wafer measurement concerns to obtain calibration and measurement optimization.

Wednesday, June 146G Devices, Applications, and Related Measurements Challenges – Kataria will also present 6G applications and how next-generation devices are measured using advanced instrumentation. As frequencies rise and device size on-wafer shrinks, accurate and precise measurements are more challenging, especially in the D/G bands under discussion for 6G. Differential mixers/amplifiers and fundamental device characterization with a broadband VNA will be discussed.

Thursday, June 15 A Paradigm Shift in Distributed Modular VNA Architecture That Makes Long Distance Measurement Simple and Easy – Closing out the Anritsu technical sessions will be  Kataria. He will present an innovative distributed modular VNA architecture powered by PhaseLync™ technology. It can dramatically simplify the setup, calibration, and measurement for total path loss and group delay. PhaseLync presents numerous advantages in making long-distance vector-corrected S-parameter measurements, especially for antenna measurements inside chambers or in over-the-air (OTA) outdoor ranges.

Joint Technology Demonstrations 

Anritsu is also teaming with other IMS2023 exhibitors to highlight emerging technologies on the show floor. These companies have selected Anritsu as the test partner for high-frequency demonstrations because of our technical leadership.  

Y-factor Measurements – The Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer MS2830A will be part of a V-band Y-factor measurement demonstration that will be conducted throughout IMS2023 by Eravant. The demonstration will feature an Eravant V-band down converter, V-band noise source with TTL and trigger switch, and frequency synthesizer module integrated with the MS2830A. The solution will conduct the Y-factor measurements on an Eravant V-band low noise amplifier, which will serve as the device under test (DUT).

PLL Frequency Synthesizer Technology – Z-Communications, Inc. (Z-COMM), a leader in Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO) and Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) technology, will use the Field Master™ Pro MS2090A Handheld Spectrum Analyzer to validate the performance of Z-COMM’s Smart PLL Frequency Synthesizer. Z-COMM selected the MS2090A for its in-booth demonstrations because of the analyzer’s high performance, as well as its portability, battery operation, ease of use, and a large color touchscreen.

Advanced Interconnect De-embedding Techniques – A third technology demonstration utilizing Anritsu solutions will be conducted by Signal Microwave. The VectorStar™ and ShockLine™ 4-port VNAs will be part of differential PCB probing and signal integrity measurement demonstrations that will highlight how to obtain superior measurement accuracy using advanced interconnect de-embedding techniques. The solution is ideal to verify that the passive signal structures on final product prototype PCBs using emerging high-speed technologies conform to the initial design and industry standards before releasing the board for active testing.

Products for Your Test Needs

Of course, you can always trust Anritsu to feature test solutions for verification of high-frequency designs. In our IMS2023 booth – #547 – we will have test stations that focus on VNA broadband measurements to 220 GHz; distributed, modular VNAs that operate up to 43.5 GHz; high-performance signal generation; high-frequency spectral analysis; and microelectronics technology.

If you’ll be in San Diego, stop by our booth or our sessions and learn more about innovative test methods to meet high-frequency designs.

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