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Simulating and Testing V2X and 5G Automotive Applications

August 12, 2020

Webinar Overview

Anritsu and dSPACE team up for an informative webinar covering V2X and 5G.

dSPACE: Getting Fit for Cooperative Automated Driving

•            V2X challenges beyond day one – when automated vehicles meet connectivity

•            Virtual validation of V2X applications for collective perception and cooperative driving

•            End-to-end HIL testing of 5G-enabled automotive applications

Anritsu: Developing the Next Generation V2X Communication with 5G Networks

•            Overview of V2N (Vehicle-to-Network) technology

•            Reasons to test with a cellular network simulator

•            Testing a TCU with a 5G and 4G internet connection

•            Connecting to a back-end server

•            Testing data throughput

•            Testing handovers (handing over from cell to cell)

•            V2V/V2I (Vehicle-to-Vehicle / Vehicle to Infrastructure)

•            What’s new with 5G vs. 4G

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Anritsu 5G NSA SmartStudio NR Functional Testing Demo

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The coming 5G evolution opens up a new era in wireless communications.