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August 4, 2022 Uber Flip

5G is a powerful technology that continues to evolve. As 5G is rapidly deploying into consumer mobile applications, Reverse Logistics facilities have to keep up with the latest developments and RF test solutions. To help engineers stay on top of the latest topics, including test challenges and solutions, we are proud to host the Anritsu Technology Day: Wireless Device RF Testing for Reverse Logistics Test & Repair—a full day of free education and live demos, presented in-person by industry experts.

Date: August 18, 2022


United Training

150 W. John Carpenter Freeway Suite 100

Irving, TX 75039 

Network with industry peers/experts, join brainstorming discussions and get a “finger on the pulse” of the key trends moving the RF device testing world. Anritsu Technology Day: Wireless Device RF Testing for Reverse Logistics Test & Repair is dedicated to sharing industry updates, market trends, and new test technologies for Wireless Device testing applications.


8:30 am: Breakfast and Registration

9:00 am: Introduction

9:30 am – 12:30 pm Morning sessions (including snack and beverage breaks):

Wireless Device Technology Trends and Updates

This session will provide a look at the latest developments in the evolution of wireless technology. The presentation will include the 2G/3G legacy technology end-of-life schedule, as well as the latest in 4G and 5G developments.

           Presenter: Steve Murray, Field Application Engineer, Anritsu


Making Fast, Accurate, & Repeatable RF Measurements

This session will focus on the importance of the stability, repeatability, and speed of the 5G network emulator combined with the path loss calculations associated with device positioning within the chosen shield box.

Presenter: Steve Murray, Field Application Engineer, Anritsu


Test Automation – What, Why, How

This session will discuss the use of automation software as part of RF testing. It will cover the reasons, options, and processes of integrating automated, robot-assisted test solutions into your RF testing operations.

Presenters: Steve Murray, Field Application Engineer, Anritsu, and Bruce Blay, Market Development Manager, Anritsu Company


Service & Support – Key Part of Successful Testing Outcomes
This session will discuss the impact of timely service and support on throughput and profitability.

Presenter: Sean Grisier, Head of Technical Services, Anritsu


Financial Considerations of RF Testing
Learn about the differences in the options to purchase, lease, and/or rent equipment and how each impacts profitability.

Presenter: Matt Agresta, Director of Sales Operations, Anritsu


1:30 pm – 2:30 pm - Afternoon session (including snack and beverage breaks):

RF Turnkey Solution for Reverse Logistics

This hands-on session will introduce Anritsu’s new Entry Level MT8000A – a single box, scalable low-cost solution:

  • LTE/5G FR1 only
  • LTE/5G/FR2 requirements
  • mmWave shield box options
  • Automation software
  • Accessories include switches, combiners, cables, NIC, and others

Presenter: Bruce Blay, Market Development Manager, Anritsu Company

Live Demo

We will show the 5G test platform configuration and provide a full demonstration of a 4G/5G FR1+FR2 device being tested from start to finish. This will include a discussion of full test results and answering questions from the audience.

COVID-19 Precautions:

Masks and hand sanitizer will be available for the attendees. However, masks are not required. Safety measures may be subject to change based on known circumstances at the time of this event.