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High Speed Data Transmission and Test

September 29, 2020

What are the implications for data transmission beyond 56 Gbps? Discussions around what that involves and how to test it have filled many hours in engineering team meetings as well as expert panels at events like DesignCon. The continuing discussion and interest in this topic suggests that people are still sorting out how to make the best design decisions for data transmission beyond 56 Gbps, and, then, how to best test it.

This eBook grapples with those questions and provides guidance on what to consider when developing a high-speed data transmission product or system and the associated test concerns. Implementing PAM4 (more uncommonly referred to as 4-level pulse amplitude modulation), for example, arguably leads to new complications in transmitter and receiver designs and test. And, any move to higher data rates requires designers to rethink their encoding and evaluation schemes in terms of BER.

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