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A New Technique for Measuring PIM

May 15, 2019

This white paper outlines how PIM over CPRI works and how to get the most of out of this measurement technique. PIM over CPRI is your first step in determining if a site has PIM issues before calling in PIM mitigation team. PIM over CPRI allows testing at ground level without turning down service and disconnecting any antenna connection like traditional RF PIM testing, saving carriers on capital and expenditure expense costs. PIM over CPRI has been designed from the outset to offer a simple and easy means to test and locate highly complex PIM problems. This method is complementary to the traditional RF PIM testing that is used to troubleshoot PIM issues.

PIM over CPRI represents the next step in arming operators to tackle PIM. By using non-intrusive tools and methods, the BTS Master MT8220T with the PIM over CPRI option is able to provide far greater insight into the nature of PIM in the network and how best to tackle it.

As wireless systems continue to add RF bands, more complex modulation, carrier aggregation, increased cell density, and increased RF power, PIM will increasingly affect wireless KPI’s. Anritsu is determined to equip the wireless communications market with best tools and advanced methods to combat PIM now and in the future. 

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