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Leaflet Efficient Multichannel Optical Transceiver Measurement Quad Optical Scope MP2110A-030/039/040/049 BERTWave MP2110A Optical transceivers required by Large-scale networks, such as 100/400 GbE, are securing bandwidth using multichannel parallel processing. Consequently, all-at-once multichannel measurement is extremely effective for improving productivity. The BERTWave MP2110A featuring fast measurement speeds and high sensitivity not only assures high efficiency but also improves productivity by addition of the Quad Optical Scope option to halve measurement costs per channel compared to previous instruments. Features • 4ch optical sampling oscilloscope with all-at-once simultaneous measurement of all channels • Lower measurement costs per channel for either single mode or multimode • All-in-one Jitter analysis, PAM4 analysis and clock recovery • Stable, fast measurement due to built-in PC Efficiencies of Using Quad Optical Scope < Application Example 1: QSFP28 Optical Transceiver Tx Waveform Evaluation > • All-in-one 4ch BERTS and 4ch oscilloscope • Lower measurement costs (halved per channel) • Faster measurement (time cut by 75% using all-at-once measurement) • All-at-once 4ch PAM4 analysis Differential 4ch NRZ Device under test (Quad transceiver) Eye Measurement Tx time [ sec ] 4ch Oscilloscope 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 #1 ch1 #1 ch1 #1 ch2 #1 ch3 #1 ch4 #1 ch2 #1 ch3 #1 ch4 4ch BERTS PPG MPO to FC Reduction by 75%

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