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Verifying Traffic Throughput of Point-to-Point Wireless Links

October 14, 2020


This white paper describes turn up and troubleshoot testing of point-to-point microwave links.

IP traffic throughput testing can provide confidence in link performance beyond the equipment's built-in signal strength and link quality information. IP throughput testing is often done as part of service level agreements at link turn up and acceptance. Various types of traffic will traverse these new IP based links, with some being mission-critical. Running RFC2544 and/or Y.1564 tests will help verify traffic prioritization. While Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT) will test link stability.

Throughput testing can also be a powerful troubleshooting tool when link performance is in question.

Anritsu MT1000A and MT9090A Network Master™ Series testers will be used to make measurements of point-to-point wireless links. Test procedures will be described step by step.

The Anritsu MT1000A and MT9090A can support both copper and fiber interfaces to microwave link equipment. Measurements of Ethernet links up to 100 GbE can be made with the MT1000A.

The MT1000A and MT9090A generate and measure IP traffic at the first 3 layers of the OSI model, Physical, Data-link, and Network layers. Measurements include packet traffic throughput, packet latency packet loss, and packet jitter.

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